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Sosta, from the native tongue of Luca Manderino, means "a resting place." An Italian kitchen and tasting experience, comprised of food and wine, arrived to Hermosa Beach in 2005 with a mission to share with others the idea of simplicity inspired by Manderino's upbringing from his hometown, Venice Italy. The philosophy that drives Sosta showcases elegance of a simple ingredient as well as a moment.

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Meet Chef Luca Manderino

Sosta Cucina founder, Luca Manderino grew up in the kitchens of Venice, Italy, under his mother. Raised by parents who've owned two restaurants and a hotel, Manderino came to learn the intimate art of business. Came 1995, Luca Manderino found himself moving to America, having loved the Golden State so much, to fulfill his childhood dream of flying professionally. Being the private jet pilot for clientele including Ray Charles and George Carlin was hard to not love; but nine years in, Manderino found his passion in food calling him back around.


Circa 2004 Luca Manderino opened La Sosta Enoteca (now known as Sosta) in Hermosa Beach with a little help from his mother, who flew from Venice on opening night to join hands with him in the kitchen. From the first nights and forward, Sosta became a household Italian experience in the neighborhoods of the beach cities where he resides. To this day, Manderino continues to bring one of the most simple, eclectic, Venetian inspired menus from the neighborhoods of his home in Italy to the South Bay.

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INFO@SOSTACUCINA.COM / TEL: +1 424-391-5959

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or through Instagram: @SostaCucinaHermosa

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